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Project Details

New Tour Cranberry Creek’s new dairy heifer facility. Tasco Dome provides the ideal environment to maximize heifer growth while providing premium cow comfort.


New Little Creek Ranch near Ottawa, Ontario. Meet the Murray family and see the featured training centre. Hear the story about how they were introduced to the Parelli Natural Horsemanship system.


New Wesley Clover Parks in Ottawa, Ontario. See the featured building and hear the story behind the beautiful facility located in the National Capital Greenbelt


New Organic Farrow to Finish Tasco Dome at Top Farms in Salford, Ontario. See the featured structure and hear the story behind the leap into the world of humanely raised, organic pork production, with John Top and John Top Jr.


Featuring our covered thoroughbred racetrack at Shirai Farms. This 900 meter (2953') racetrack is set on a 4% grade to maximize the workout and fully prepare their horses for the races. Made in North America and shipped worldwide, Tasco Dome Covered Structures provide superior protection for what matters to you!

Oneonta Jobcorp needed a structure in which to train hydro high pole workers. Tasco Dome designed a building tall enough to accommodate the hydro poles, and strong enough to withstand tough New York winters!