Technical Information

Tasco Dome has always used independent engineers to verify our building designs. All engineering for Tasco Dome has been done by one of two independent engineering firms. We have taken this step from the beginning in order to maintain complete confidence in the structural integrity of our buildings.

Our Tasco Domes have been designed for loading conditions around the world. We encourage you to contact us about any upcoming projects, and learn more about what we can do to provide you with the structures designed for your specific application.

Key Features:

  • Tasco Dome steel is high quality black square tubing that is hot dipped galvanized after all welding and drilling, for superior corrosion protection
  • All arch segments of your Tasco Dome are the same, making it easier and faster to build
  • Tasco Dome fabric is of the highest quality, and comes with a 15 year pro rated warranty
  • Tasco Dome buildings allow natural light in, providing excellent storage facilities, and superior livestock housing

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