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"We would like to thank Daniel and his crew for a super job done on our 2 Tasco Domes, the service was wonderful, we were offered many options always with a professional opinion, which made our decisions easier. Now we are fully enjoying our riding arena and barn, we thank you for that!!"

Angèle and Roland Angollys Ranch

“The building was affordable, the installation was quick, and the cattle health is beyond my expectations; there is never a cough heard in this barn.”

Jake Meeks
Cranberry Creek Dairy Facility

“Being able to manage the heifers finitely has accelerated their growth, resulting in getting them in calf 3-4 weeks earlier, and the vet comments on how fresh the air is in every visit.”

Jake Meeks
Cranberry Creek Dairy Facility

“The natural light & air quality maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for the cattle to thrive. Cow comfort in this barn is top-notch!”

George Miller
Miller Land & Livestock Cattle Barn

“Anyone shopping for an equestrian arena, you need to look for two things. A company that will not have hidden costs, everything is upfront and that is what Tasco Dome brought to us, also find someone that wants to work WITH you, these are the main things i would say, but also, Tasco Dome was extremely economical, overall, nothing is disappointing at all.”

Mr. Murray
Little Creek Ranch

“The light that this dome provides, you don’t need any other source of light, except when riding at night. That saves a lot of electricity when you run it for a whole year. Also, I love the idea of choosing the side walls. It gives a frame for both sides, and it looks beautiful, but anyone can finish however they want. If I had to do it again, I would do it exactly like this.”

Ms. Murray
Little Creek Ranch

“In order to grow, we needed more infrastructure, and that resulted in a 200x65 dome. It is just a magnificent building, and I am sure this is not our last piece of business we make with Tasco Dome, as we grow. The use of the domes are very diverse, even hosting events. We did our due diligence and found that Tasco Dome was the best partner for us.”

Wesley Clover Parks

“Talking to many people, they said Dome was the way to go to increase size instead of building a barn; this was cheaper and better for the health of the animals in Organic Farming since we don’t use medication. Tasco Dome had the best service and quality for a coverall building. It was quick, good, all done, and nothing else left after the completion. I would not change my mind; it is just a good product!”

John Top
Top Organic Farms

“When we decided to expand the program, we needed an indoor facility to teach. Our dome is 60’ wide, 120’ long and 44’ at the top. It was all build in last than a week. It has no leaks, withstands snow and wind. It was the best solution.”

Mr. Smith
Oneonta Job Corps

“Tasco Domes provides you with neat solutions for any industry. We are pleased with our building and happy that the building allows us to complete our training year-round.”

Mr. Smith
Oneonta Job Corp

“During winter, the horses were restricted to their stalls. To be able to train all year, we build an uphill snow free indoor course. Tasco Dome build a 3005ft long dome with 28m elevation difference. It is strong on wind and snow and it’s the perfect place for our racehorses to train all seasons.”

Tekeshi Shirai
Shirai Farms – Japan
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