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Get to know Tasco Dome

Fabric Covered Buildings for use in the Mining Industry

Tasco Dome industrial buildings are built with the durability and longevity required to cover all the needs of the mining industry. We can provide you with a building that can be constructed quickly and last for years to come. It is re-locatable, and is easily expandable by adding onto the length of the building. If you need a storage space or space solution that is flexible and reliable, then Tasco Dome is the answer.

“New technology in fabric covered structures is now benefiting many industries, including the mining and exploration sector. These membrane or fabric covered portable buildings are reducing construction time, allowing for quick remediation of mine sites, and are giving many companies the opportunity to discover new cost-effective ways of housing offices and working spaces.” writes Karen Kornelsen in Mining and Exploration Sept 2013.

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Benefits of a Tasco Dome for mining use include:

  • Engineered for building codes all over the world
  • Natural light saves energy
  • Large air space with good and clean air flow
  • Inexpensive alternative to traditional structures
  • Durable, portable, and easily expandable
  • Large open spaces allow for large equipment or material
  • Easy construction
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel structure is corrosion resistant
  • Steel structure is more durable than wood.
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Fire resistant fabric options

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