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Tech Info

Covering What Matters to You

Tasco Dome is a world-class leader in fabric covered buildings. These robust steel buildings are made to stand up to the toughest elements, no matter what industry or use. For animal housing, equestrian riding arenas, materials storage, warehousing, protecting valuable equipment, expanding your company's workspace and more, the applications for Tasco Dome fabric covered buildings are truly limitless.


    • Tasco Dome fabric covered buildings feature an innovative design, with a focus on structural strength and longevity
    • CSA-A660 certified steel ensures you get the highest quality materials in your structure
    • Square tubing is hot-dipped galvanized for superior corrosion protection
    • 15 year pro-rated warranty on standard fabric
    • Fast delivery and installation compared to conventional buildings
    • Lower operating costs and low maintenance of building
    • Translucent fabric for natural lighting
    • Industry-leading fabric covered building designs, all approved by independent engineers - providing you complete confidence in our structural integrity
    • We can provide fabric replacements on your existing fabric covered buildings
    • A professional and knowledgeable network of Tasco Dome approved dealers that will be with you every step of the way, from providing a free quote, to design and installation.


A Tasco Dome structure can be installed in many different ways, depending upon soil type, proximity of bedrock, municipal bylaws, budget and personal preference. Discuss your options with an Authorized Tasco Dome Dealer, or contact us directly. Below are some of the most popular foundation types, not all can be used in every area or for every building size, contact us for more information.

Foundation Options

Foundation Typessmall-2-1
Foundation Typessmall 2-1
Foundation Typessmall 3-1
inside or outside mounted